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Are you a student seeking to overcome the challenges of displacement and reclaim your dreams?

Accessible Futures is here to support you on your journey toward a brighter future. Our comprehensive program provides vital resources and guidance to help you access college and higher education opportunities. Take the first step towards realizing your potential by registering today!

Accessible Futures

To be eligible as a Future Yearner, you must:

Be 18+

Be 18+ at the time you begin your academic program.

Be displaced

Be internally or externally displaced due to humanitarian crises, war, and/or environmental disasters.

Be committed

Be committed to your educational journey and to giving back to your community. 


Reviews From Our Clients

Sara, Yemen BA, Anthropology (Pre-Med Track)

‘I want to be a surgeon- able to put together the limbs of children so they can survive a bomb’ - Sara, Yemen - BA, Anthropology

Syria, Amal LLB

‘I want to be a lawyer so that I can help write the new constitution when we rebuild my country.’

Irfan, Pakistan BBA

‘I want to have lots of money- so I can buy food and clean drinking water for my siblings.

Greece, Sophia BFA, English Literature

‘I want to write inspiring fiction because it inspired me for many months while I lived in a refugee camp.’

Mohammed, Somalia BS, Aerospace Engineering

‘I want to be a pilot because less people die traveling by plane than by boat.’

Accessible Futures

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We look forward to hearing from you and embarking on this meaningful journey together. Every connection and conversation brings us closer to creating a world where education knows no boundaries. Thank you for your interest in Accessible Futures, and we can’t wait to connect with you soon!

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Accessible Futures

Frequently Asked Questions:

Accessible Futures provides a range of support to displaced students, including access to educational resources, scholarships, mentorship programs, and guidance in navigating systems of higher education. In addition, we work closely with partner organizations and educational institutions to identify and create pathways for displaced students to access educational opportunities. We will provide you with assistance in enrolling in colleges or universities, obtaining necessary documentation, and connecting students with scholarships or financial aid options.

Yes, Accessible Futures understands that financial constraints can be a significant barrier for displaced students. We will work with you to secure external financial assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, or other financial aid programs for eligible students who demonstrate financial need. Additionally, we will try and bridge the gap with our own funding when applicable.

While documentation may be helpful, we understand that displaced individuals often face challenges in obtaining or retaining official documentation. We aim to be flexible and inclusive and will consider the information provided and any supporting documents you are able to provide, but lack of documentation will not automatically disqualify you from our support.

Accessible Futures welcomes students regardless of their nationality or if their nationality is uncertain. We understand that displacement can often result in complex situations, and we are committed to supporting all students who have been affected by crises or conflicts.

Absolutely. Accessible Futures recognizes the unique challenges faced by students residing in refugee camps or awaiting resettlement. We encourage individuals in such situations to apply for support, as we have specific programs and resources dedicated to assisting students in these circumstances.

We understand that students may face barriers in completing a formal, accredited secondary school due to displacement or other circumstances. We believe in providing equal educational opportunities for all students, regardless of their academic background. Our team will work with you to explore your options to help you pursue your educational goals and aspirations.

If you are not proficient in English, it does not disqualify you from receiving support from Accessible Futures. We recognize the importance of language proficiency and its impact on academic success. We aim to provide you with language support services, including language classes or access to language resources, to help you improve your English proficiency. We are committed to ensuring that language barriers do not hinder your educational opportunities.

We understand that pursuing a dream career may require a certain level of foundational knowledge or skills. If you feel that you lack the necessary base knowledge for your chosen career path, we offer resources and support to help you bridge that gap. Accessible Futures can provide access to preparatory courses, tutoring, or mentorship programs to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue your dream career successfully.

The registration process duration may vary depending on the volume of applications and the specific needs identified in your application. However, we strive to review applications as promptly as possible. You can typically expect to hear back from us within a reasonable time frame, which is typically within a few weeks. We appreciate your patience as we carefully evaluate each application.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated support team. You can contact your community liaison or contact us directly at, and our team will be happy to assist you and address any further inquiries you may have. We are here to support you throughout the process.